Free Shelflife Records MP3 Sampler

Shelflife Recordsのダウンロード用フリーサンプラーがアップされてますね。これだけ詰め込まれたものがレーベル公式からタダで落とせる太っ腹ぶり。ありがたいことです。

1. Horse Shoes - The Imperial School (from LIFE1008: “The Imperial School”)
2. Days - Downhill (from LIFE1003: “Downhill”)
3. Socialist Leisure Party - Head In The Hay (demo version) 
4. Burning Hearts - I Lost My Colour Vision (from LIFE057: “Aboa Sleeping”)
5. Champagne Riot - Scandinavian Warfare (from LIFE1006: “Paris And I”)
6. The Ruling Class - Flowers (from LIFE1005: “Tour de Force”)
7. Dub Noir - The Careerist (demo version) 
8. Laura Watling - You Never Came (from LIFE059: “Songs From Dreams”)
9. Days - Simple Thing (from LIFE1003: “Downhill”)
10. Kuryakin - Take My Hand (from LIFE1004 “Still Here”)
11. Burning Hearts - Various Lives (from LIFE057: “Aboa Sleeping”)
12. Thieves Like Us - To Joy (from LIFE061: “Really Like To See You Again”)
13. Evening Lights - Don’t Turn the Light Out (from LIFE062: “The Disappointment”)
14. Free Loan Investments - Kick His Balls Out (from LIFE044 “Ever Been To Mexico”)
15. Warm Morning - Silver Rain (from LIFE1001: “Silver Rain”) 
16. Language Of Flowers - Leaving (from LIFE051: “Songs About You”)
17. A Smile And a Ribbon - Book Cover (from LIFE1002: “The Boy I Wish I Never Met”)
18. Thieves Like Us - Sugar And Song (from LIFE058: “Play Music”)

Thieves Like Usみたいなナウい感じのバンドから、1000 seriesのDays、The Ruiling Classなんかも入ってますが。久々に見るLaura Watling、Free Loan Investmentsっていう名前に懐かしさを感じたりもします。あまり見かけなくなったけど、マイペースながらもちゃんと活動してたりするんでしょうか。myspaceでも探してみようかな…。


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